Guidelines for submitting an ETIAS application

This may seem trivial, but several errors can occur when you complete, review, submit, and pay for your ETIAS application form. Below are a series of ETIAS Application Guidelines designed to help claimants ensure that mistakes are not made that could have a negative impact on the outcome of an application.

Fill out the ETIAS application form

Read each question or statement on the European Travel Information and Authorization System form carefully to understand the question before answering.

Answer each question on the ETIAS application form as honestly as possible. Do not try to change your answers in your opinion, which could lead to approval of the application. Automated electronic processing systems for visa applications and visa waiver applications review applicant data in various databases to ensure that information provided by applicants matches information they can obtain from other sources. In addition, providing false information on an application may result in a refusal of entry to the EU border.

Since most online visa waiver applications have a deadline at the bottom of the page, it is recommended that you process the application within 20 minutes, otherwise your data may not be saved. When you apply for ETIAS, you may receive a notice on the site when your application has expired, although this is not always the case.

Examination and submission of your application

The accuracy of the biometric data provided in the application form is crucial. When reviewing your application, make sure you have verified the biometric data, such as name, date of birth, sex, country of citizenship, etc. Otherwise, your application may be invalidated before you go to the EU and refuse to enter Europe.

If you are sure that the answers and data you provide are accurate, then send your application.

Pay for your ETIAS application

When paying for your application, be sure to use a payment card accepted by ETIAS and that there is no block, no block or sufficient credit on your account. If your payment is denied or a payment error occurs for any reason, it is unlikely that your ETIAS application will be processed or approved.

Regardless of the outcome of your request, it is recommended that you do not make chargebacks (or chargebacks), as this may cause ETIAS to withdraw your claim for non-payment.

Other considerations regarding your ETIAS

Also try to avoid legal problems in the days prior to your trip, as this can affect your ETIAS license, even if you received your license before your arrest or conviction. EU authorities may mark your authorization if new information becomes known and your ETIAS Visa may be revoked or cancelled.