ETIAS VISA for Canada

In recent attempts to maximize security in Europe for both their citizens and visitors, a specific system has been proposed in the European Union and will begin officially operating in 2021. The ETIAS or European Travel Information and Authorization System will be a form of electronic travel authorization which will monitor who is entering any nation in the Schengen Area. Currently, Canadian citizens can enter countries in the Schengen Area visa free for up to 90 days whether they are visiting for leisure, medical treatment or business.

The ETIAS will allow Canadian citizens entrance to all 26 countries in the Schengen Area once approved and will remain active for 3 years. Applicants are to complete an online application which should take approximately 20 minutes and will require passport information, personal information, security related questionnaire and will also require information on education background and current employment status.

ETIAS Canada

Do canadian citizens need a VISA for Europe?

Canadian citizens will need to obtain an ETIAS Visa before entering any of the 26 countries in the Schengen Area. Once the ETIAS application has been submitted, paid for and approved, it can be electronically linked to your passport, similar to the already existing ESTA program in the United States. The ETIAS Visa waiver will be received through email to the approved applicant within 24 hours, but a 72 hour window before your intended arrival date is recommended should any issues incur during the application process. 

An ETIAS Visa application can be submitted from any online source, such as a desktop, mobile phone or a tablet as long as it is submitted outside of the Schengen Area. Canadian Citizens should keep in mind that they will need to posses a passport that is valid at the very least for the next 3 months. This same passport should be used upon entrance to the Schengen Area country of choice due to the fact that the ETIAS Visa will be electronically linked to the original passport used in the submitted application. Citizens will also be required to have an active credit or debit card which will be used to pay for the visa Europe Canada ETIAS fee online. Lastly, each applicant should have an email address which will be used to receive confirmation of the approved application, a copy of this email should be printed and carried in the event of an electronic issue. 

ETIAS VISA Requirements for canadian Citizens

ETIAS will be mandatory for Canadian Citizens beginning in 2021 because of this, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your Visa will be a multiple entry authorization which will permit the approved applicant to travel to any of the 26 countries in the Schengen Area in Europe. The EU will require an online application that should be submitted 24-72 hours prior to entering the European country of choice. The online application will require a fee and will consist of security questions that can inquire about the applicants history of criminal convictions, a previous visit to a conflict area as well as whether the applicant traveled to a Schengen Area country before ETIAS Visa was required. 

Keep in mind that the security screening is necessary to maintain a safe process when approving applicants. It should also be noted that even if an applicant has a criminal conviction, as long as it is a minor offense, there is still a chance of being approved for an ETIAS Visa. If an applicant has been convicted of a serious crime which involved jail time and was associated with an act of terrorism, drug offenses and/ or human trafficking, they should not expect an electronic approval in their email. 

Your ETIAS Visa Europe Canada information will require passport information and personal information such as your legal name, home address, telephone number, place and country of birth, country of intended entry as well as dates of entry. 

Europe VISA Application form for Canada

Similar to the ETIAS Visa process, Canada requires an eTA which serves an almost exact purpose as their European and American counterparts, ESTA and ETIAS. The eTA is required for European Citizens and anyone who is visa-exempt and traveling to Canada. The purpose for the eTA is to strengthen Canadian borders and keep its citizens and visitors safe. The application process for an eTA is quite simple and very similar to an ETIAS Visa, although European Citizens do not need to obtain a visa when visiting Canada, an eTA is required. 

The online eTA application will require passport information as well as personal information and may even ask questions regarding health and security. The application process is short and once approved allows stays of up to 180 days in Canada per visit. 

An eTA is valid for 5 years and allows European Citizens access to the entire country. Should a European Citizen or a visa-exempt visitor wish to extend their stay longer than the permitted 180 days in Canada in a single visit, they must seek special permission and be approved by either the Canadian Embassy or the respective country and/or Canadian consulate. 

The European Travel Information Authorization System or more commonly known as ETIAS can be a fairly easy application process for Canadian Citizens granted that they are eligible applicants and have included all the information required to the ETIAS Visa application. Having the approved application electronically linked to your passport will ease the process when entering the European Schengen Area country of your choice, however, keep in mind that technical difficulties may arise upon your arrival, thus a printed copy of this confirmation should be carried at all times when entering a new Schengen Area country. 

The ETIAS Visa required for the Schengen Area visitors will help Europe protect its borders just as the eTA and ESTA programs help Canada and the United states of America protect theirs. Remember to respect the country you visit and don’t forget to submit visa applications with ample time in order to travel more confidently.