For citizens of the United Arab Emirates, this is one way that they can enter the Schengen Zone without having to apply for a visa. This application isn’t as long as applying for a visa to European countries, but it works almost the same. For example, citizens of the United Arab Emirates need a europe visa from uae to get into the country. The process works almost like a visa, but instead of having to apply for a visa, they apply for the ETIAS which is a shorter process, and not permanent. The ETIAS visa waiver is applied to be used multiple times in and out of European countries, in the Schengen Zone, and is applicable to the using party for 3 years, then either a visa is needed, or they need to reapply for an ETIAS visa waiver to continue to travel from their home in the United Arab Emirates to any European country. 

It is necessary to know ETIAS will be available from 2021.


Do UAE citizens need a VISA for Europe?

Not necessarily, they can visit Europe in many of these European countries and have a visa on arrival for the first 30 days, and are subject to extend it to 90 days if they enter the country multiple times. A little bit about this, the UAE is the first Arab country in the world to be granted a Schengen visa waiver, and holders of UAE passports are exempt from having to apply for the visa’s and meet the requirements to visit the Schengen Area within their first 90 days. The UAE passport holds the number 1 position globally according to Arton Capital’s Passport Index, as of December 2018. People who hold a passport from the United Arab Emirates can travel to over 170 countries, 118 of which offers free visa travel, and 59 countries offer eVisa or visa’s on arrival. The visa-free travel is completely applied throughout the whole of Europe, and they only need passports, they will get a visa upon arrival to any of the European countries. They will have a 30-day period to roam the country, however, without applying for a residence or work visa, they will not be able to live or work within the European countries. So as of right now, you need a visa to work in Europe if you’re from the UAE, however, you have a visa upon arrival or via a quick eVisa to all European countries. The answer is they do need a visa to visit, but they can easily get a visa on arrival. 

ETIAS VISA Requirements for UAE Citizens

The citizens of the United Arab Emirates need to have a valid UAE passport, and it has to be active for at least 3 months before they can apply for the ETIAS Visa. They need to have all of their details on the passport up to date as well and have not been obstructed for 3 months before the application process. They also need to use their personal information when filling out their ETIAS visa form, including information like date of birth, place of residence, email, and anything else that you would need to fill out that requires personal information. They also need a valid credit card to be able to pay the ETIAS application fee to be processed. During the application, the UAE applicants will need to fill out security questions such as prior travel destinations, any trouble in their other past visits out of the country, as well as their health and wellness. After they fill out this application, the country they wish to visit will do an extensive background check into their travel history, their home history, and much more. Thorough background checks also include expert screening for their countries. The applicants are urged to double-check all of their information because any grammatical or any errors, in general, will result in a redo of the application, and another processing fee. After they are accepted, they will get approved via their email address. This is an easier process than a visa, but is very strenuous to the people filling out the application. 

Europe VISA Application form for UAE

People from the United Arab Emirates have to fill out an extensive visa application in its entirety. They have to fill out all the appropriate information. This includes a valid passport that is no older than 10 years and has been active at least 3 months before traveling in and out of the country they wish to visit, they also need 2 photos that were taken no more than 3 months before their visit, and they also need a proof of residence permit. On top of that residents also need a Travel/Flight Itinerary that shows that you purchased a ticket or flight to the country they wish to visit, a cover letter that includes a detailed explanation of why you want to visit and what the visit is for as well as the countries that you wish to visit, Proof of Accommodation which shows that they have a place to stay during their visit, and a Proof of Financial Means that includes both a Bank Account Statement and a sponsorship letter. The last thing they need is to have health insurance for the country you wish to visit. That’s how you apply for a europe visa from uae.

Getting a visa to visit Europe from the United Arab Emirates is pretty strenuous, even an ETIAS visa is a bit strenuous. There is a lot of work that goes into getting a visa to travel from UAE to Europe, and it is a lot of work that the person traveling needs to fill out. They also have to wait on the extensive background check to come back, and they will then be notified via email and will have either a Europe Visa or an ETIAS Visa. The UAE plan to be one of the top 5 strongest passports by the year 2021 so that their people will be able to travel anywhere, and get an easy visa compared to other Middle-Eastern countries.