ETIAS VISA for Singapore

Europe Visa Singapore is presently a way to enter Europe from Singapore. In the future, Singaporeans can apply for the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) program. It allows residents from Singapore to travel without any restrictions in the Schengen Area. ETIAS is not a full-fledged visa. It is intended as a preventative check on persons travelling. It is an approved authorization. It does not guarantee an entrance into the Schengen Area. However, it is mandatory to meet the requirements for boarding an aircraft.

ETIAS Singapore

Do singaporean citizens need a VISA for Europe?

Simply stated, the ETIAS is a fully electronic system. The system allows visitors from Singapore (and other countries) to enter the Schengen area to be registered and controlled. The system requires each applicant to pass a detailed security check. The check determines if the applicant is allowed to enter a country in the Schengen zone. This assists visitors to not be required to pass through a major visa application process. 

The system assures that people entering the Schengen area do not pose any type of security risk. The primary purpose of ETIAS is to offer safety. In recent times travellers have faced an increased global risk. In order to prevent this risk, the EU hopes to significantly reduce security issues by offering the ETIAS program. Aside from increased travel safety, the ETIAS system will support EU countries, and travellers, by:

  • Reducing procedures and application times.
  • Improving the management of the EU’s borders.
  • Assist in the detection and fight against crime and terrorism.
  • Prevent irregular migration.
  • Strengthen the EU’s visa policy.

Today a resident of Singapore finds it easier to apply for a visa to enter the Schengen area. The visa is known as the Schengen Tourist Visa. Having this document allows a tourist to travel from one European country to the next easily. 

The resident of Singapore should also have a current visa. This often provides needed information to various government and other agencies.

Finally, in the near future, residents of Singapore will need to apply for the ETIAS. Once approved this will allow travelers to enter different countries in Europe with few difficulties

ETIAS VISA Requirements for singaporean Citizens

Singaporeans do not need a visa to enter the EU if they hold a passport. However, the stay cannot stay for longer than 90 days within a 180 day period. Presently Singapore residents are not required authorization to visit Europe. However, when the ETIAS program is fully implemented, it will become mandatory for Singapore citizens to have the ETIAS. 

Presently, a Singapore resident can apply for a visa by providing the required documents and information. The following are the requirements:

  • The Schengen visa application form. 
  • A current passport which is valid for three months following your visit.
  • Passport size photos. They must be recent and show the face, forehead, ears, and hairline. They need to have a white background. 
  • A Singapore Identity Card (IC) such as a work permit, permanent resident card, and so forth.
  • Flight booking information which provides your flight information.
  • Hotel reservation and travel itinerary which provides information for your entire stay.
  • Proof of funds that provides your financial capacity. Three consecutive months of bank statements are sufficient.
  • Medical insurance proof which covers medical, emergency, hospital expenses and repatriation.
  • Employment letter indicating details of your current place of employment. 

Europe VISA Application form for Singapore

In 2021, when Singapore residents wish to travel to the Schengen zone, they will first need to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver by completing the online application. The first step will require the applicant to give personal details. Each applicant must provide the correct information which will include:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Nation of birth.
  • Applicant’s current address.

Once this information is submitted, the applicant will be required to provide details about their passport. This information will include the following:

  • National citizenship.
  • A Singaporean passport number.
  • The issue date of their passport.
  • Their passport’s expiry date.

The third phase of the application process will involve the answering of some personal, employment, and security questions. These questions are to ensure that the applicant conforms to the application criteria of ETIAS. Each applicant will need to provide the following information:

  • Select the country you plan to enter.
  • Confirm and give evidence of relationship with any EU citizens who are family members.
  • Provide educational background.
  • Provide work status information.
  • State if they have previously traveled to conflict zones.
  • Detail any criminal activity in Singapore.
  • Provide information indicating any prosecution for human trafficking or drug offenses.
  • Provide information on previous travel to the European continent and Schengen area.

Singapore residents will be able to apply for ETIAS in 2021. The process can be completed online. It is only available for arriving in Europe by air. Travelers must have an e-passport that can be machine-readable. The ETIAS is for a short tourist, medical, business, or transit visit. 

ETIAS can be used for multiple entries not exceeding a 90-day visit. Singaporean residents should apply at least 96 hours before departing for the EU. If a person is denied an ETIAS, they are still entitled to apply for a full visitor visa. The border security, located at the European country of arrival, will decide if each individual will be admitted or not. The ETIAS is not a guarantee for entry.

The ETIAS application form can be completed and submitted online. It is a fast process taking about 10 minutes to complete. One official document is required which is a biometric passport. Applicants will also need an email address as well as a debit or credit card. A valid passport is necessary to register with the system. Once the ETIAS registration and application are completed, submitted, and approved it will be issued for three consecutive years.