ETIAS VISA for New Zealand

Planning a visit to Europe when coming from another country oftentimes requires a visa in advance and a lot of documentation to show why, when, and if you are eligible to visit the Schengen area. Finding information online is easy, but not everyone has the time to pursue a visa. That is where a third-party company can help. The company guides those in need with the process of retaining a visa for an EU visit or stay. Below details the process to get a visa for Europe from New Zealand.

There are restrictions and exceptions to all rules. New Zealand natives are no different as well as those that are taking up residency while not being a native of the country. Most times than not, a visa is not needed for visiting the EU, but this is something that is determined by the Embassy based on your letter of intent that accompanies your documents and visa application. Once a visa application is signed and completed, gather or take a photo and it cannot be more than 3 months old. Pull out a valid passport – no more than 10 years- and valid for three months before the visit. Set up an appointment and have all required documents and payment method.

ETIAS New Zealand

Do New Zealand citizens need a VISA for Europe?

While living in New Zealand for more than 3 months and you would like to make travel arrangements to Europe then there are a few things that you should know. For one, a visa may or may not be needed depending on your travel request. If you are going for business, studying, or leisure that is under 3 months then you do not need a visa. If this is not the case and it will be more than 3 months, then you will need to obtain a visa for Europe from New Zealand. This is also the case for those who hold a residency card from New Zealand and are not currently on a visa but are also not New Zealand natives. If you are on a visa then you will need to submit a Schengen visa that is separate from the visa you already possess. Below will explain a few of the items that are needed when applying for a visa for Europe from new Zealand

ETIAS VISA Requirements for New Zealand Citizens

The list below is everything you will need to apply. Sometimes there is additional information that is needed. If this is something that is required from you, don’t worry. Just find and submit the additional documents and resubmit. This shouldn’t delay your application by much, but there is no determinate guarantee for the time frame beyond the standard 2 weeks if there is no additional information needed. The following requirements are expected to apply for a visa: 

  1. Completed Visa application form (take two).
  2. Valid passport.
  3. New Zealand Residence Card if you are not a native.
  4. No longer than a 3 month old photo of yourself.
  5. A letter of intent for visiting the Schegen area.
  6. Travel information and proof of all purchase; stay included.
  7. Show of income.
  8. European insurance.
  9. Proof from employer or school .
  10. Birth certificate.

Europe VISA Application form for New Zealand

Starting and finishing your application around 90 days before your travel can prepare you for any hiccups along the way if there is any. Although the process can be within 2 weeks, you always want to be prepared to give more information is called upon or if an appointment rescheduling is needed. There is no need to panic if your application doesn’t take the standard time as stated on visa websites. So try not to wait until the last minute to start your application.

Finally, it is necessary to know the new implementation. From 2021 everybody who wants to visit Europe will have to apply for an ETIAS.